Refer & Earn Terms & Agreement.

This Agreement, hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement," establishes the terms and conditions between Hilltop Energy Buyer’s Group (HEBG), represented herein, and the individual identified as the "Affiliate," collectively referred to as the parties. This Agreement governs all activities undertaken within the framework of HEBG's "Refer & Earn" Program.

By voluntarily enrolling and actively participating in the Refer & Earn program, the Affiliate implicitly agrees to adhere to and be bound by the Terms & Agreement outlined herein. Failure to comply with these terms may result in the forfeiture of any accrued monies and the termination of the Affiliate's participation in the Refer & Earn program.The Affiliate hereby agrees to the following stipulations:

1. The Affiliate must secure a minimum of three referrals who successfully complete the enrollment process and create paid memberships within the program to qualify for payment. Upon meeting this requirement, the Affiliate becomes eligible to receive payment for the aforementioned referrals.

2. It is the responsibility of the Affiliate to thoroughly review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section provided by HEBG regarding the Refer & Earn program to ensure a clear understanding of program guidelines and procedures.

3. Payment disbursement to the affiliate will be exclusively facilitated through PayPal. Therefore, the affiliate must possess an active PayPal account to receive payments. No alternative forms of payment will be issued.

4. All promotional and communication activities undertaken by the Affiliate must be conducted in a professional and respectful manner that is consistent with the best interests of HEBG. Any conduct deemed contrary to these principles may result in disciplinary action, including termination of Affiliate status and forfeiture of finical payout.

5. It is imperative that referrals initiated by the Affiliate utilize the unique web link provided by the Affiliate when creating their paid accounts. Failure to utilize this specific web link will render the referral ineligible for credit/payment under the Refer & Earn program.

6. The Affiliate acknowledges and understands that the Refer & Earn system is designed to track and reward referrals exclusively through the unique web link shared by the Affiliate. No other method of referral will be accepted or deemed eligible for rewards within the program.

7. The Affiliate must refrain from engaging in any activities that misrepresent HEBG, AmeriGas, and Irving Energy (fuel providers), including but not limited to false advertising, misleading statements, hostel comments, or deceptive practices.

8. The Affiliate acknowledges that the commission rate payable for referrals is determined by the actual amount paid by the enrollee to join HEBG.

9. The Affiliate agrees that credit will not be extended for referrals who are currently or have previously been members of HEBG.

10. Commissions earned by the Affiliate will be settled within 30 days by HEBG. In the event that a member requests a refund, the corresponding refunded amount will be deducted from the affiliate's account or future earnings.

11. The Affiliate accepts and understands that HEBG reserves the right to modify the commission rate at any time. In such cases, all commissions will be paid out at the previously established rate. The Affiliate will receive notification by email of any rate changes five (5) days prior to their implementation.

12. The Affiliate agrees not to engage in any fraudulent activities aimed at enrolling themselves, members of their household, additional properties, or other addresses owned by the affiliate for the purpose of benefiting from commissions within the Refer & Earn program.

13. The Affiliate acknowledges that they will not receive commissions for referrals who are already participating in programs established by HEBG with businesses and other organizations. These organizations and their members/staff include, but are not limited to: Vermont State Employees Association (VSEA), Norwich University staff and alumni, Autumn Harp, and King Arthur Flour. It is understood that this list may expand over time, and the Affiliate is encouraged to regularly check-in with HEBG for updates.

14. Commission format is a one time non-reoccurring payment for referrals who create a paid membership.

15. Hilltop at its own discretion may refuse to take on any large group or organization if it negatively impacts our reserved gallons and their availability to members or potential members.

It is mutually agreed upon by the parties hereto that this Agreement constitutes the entire understanding between HEBG and the Affiliate with respect to the Refer & Earn program and supersedes all prior agreements and understandings, whether written or oral, relating to the subject matter herein.

Refer & Earn FAQ's.

Refer & Earn Program instructions for enrolling & navigating affiliate Dashboard.


Can I refer existing Hilltop Members ?


No, you can only earn rewards through referrals who have never been Hilltop Energy Buyers Group (HEBG) Members before. Existing / past members cannot be referred for payment under Refer & Earn.

How does Hilltop track my Referrals ?


Hilltop Energy Buyers Group (HEBG) employs a web application from PromoKit, specializing in creating and managing reward programs.

The unique link you defined in your Dashboard ( ) serves as an identifier. When someone accesses our website using this link, our site recognizes your referral through a "Token" associated with their information as a site user. Upon checkout through our cart, the system registers your identifier within the site visitors profile and tracks it in the PromoKit system for Hilltop to review and process payouts.

Unfortunately the system will not work by providing you a code to share that the referrer uses upon checkout.

Login / Create Refer & Earn Account

What happens if you refer someone and they don’t use your special link ?


If you refer someone and they don't use your unique link that you defined in your Refer & Earn Dashboard, unfortunately, you won't receive credit for the referral. The system solely operates and rewards affiliates for individuals referred via the affiliate's unique link. No exceptions will be made.

Am I eligible to earn a referral for enrolling myself, multiple properties I own, or someone in my household?


No, you are prohibited from claiming credit for referring anyone who lives or resides at your home address or any other alternative addresses you own. Additionally, any other properties you have enrolled with Hilltop do not qualify under this program.

I Lost my unique web link for referring people, how do I recover it ?


No worries, just login to your Refer & Earn account and its located in your Dashboard. Please note your Hilltop Member account is separate from your Hilltop Refer & Earn account. Login to Refer & Earn Account

How do I access and use the Refer & Earn Asset Library ?


Login: Refer & Earn Asset Library
Login to your Refer & Earn account to get password.

Resources can be downloaded or dragged to your desktop or document.

Can an affiliate account be denied, revoked, or canceled ?


Yes. The affiliate program is a symbiotic relationship that operates under good faith from both parties with respect. The below are several examples of why an affiliate account might be denied, canceled or revoked:

1. Misrepresentation of Hilltop Energy Buyers Group (HEBG) or its fuel providers.
2. Damaging or inflammatory remarks within, associated to, or aligned with any promotion of HEBG or its fuel providers. This includes comment sections of posts.
3. Spamming media channels with HEBG materials.
4. Affiliate claiming to be an employee or official representative of HEBG.
5. Any automated bot activity perpetrated by non-persons.

Can I get referral credit for people I’ve refer to Hilltop in the past ?


No, referrals will not be back dated under any circumstance.

What are various rates Hilltop charges for memberships that my fee will be based on ?


Basic Membership: Includes 1 fuel plan (propane or oil) cost $50.
Basic Membership: With 2 fuel plans (oil & propane) $100.

Pay $10 for a single fuel plan and $20 for 2 fuel plans.

Business Discount A:
Includes 1 fuel plan (propane or oil) and cost $20.
Business Discount A:
With 2 fuel plans (oil & propane) costs $40.

Business Discount B:
Includes 1 fuel plan (propane or oil) and cost $30.
Business Discount B:
With 2 fuel plans (oil & propane) costs $60

Business over 4000 Gal. annually: $200

Additional discounts may be implemented over time and if someone you referred enters in a promotional code for one of the above discounts you will be rewarded the 40% based on the actual fee paid.

Can I sign up staff at my business or organization ?


Yes, you can promote and refer individuals from within your organization with one exception: if your organization or business is currently in on-going discussions or already has an alliance with Hilltop Energy Buyers Group (HEBG) to provide discounted memberships to its members.

If it is a large organization / business we suggest you contact Keith at HEBG for a coordinated approach to on-boarding individuals.

Do I get paid every year for past referrals ?


No, this is a one-time payment. You receive your reward for making the initial referral, and subsequent renewals of their membership in the following years will not pay you a percentage of their membership fee.

How do I get paid & do I need a PayPal account ?


Hilltop employs a third-party application specializing in reward programs, and the sole payment solution provided to Hilltop affiliates (you) is through PayPal.

Participation in the Refer & Earn Program requires you (Affiliate) having a PayPal account. Hilltop Energy Buyers Group (HEBG) will not entertain alternative payment methods, making no exceptions.

Create a PayPal Account.

When do I get paid for referrals ?


Hilltop conducts monthly reviews of Affiliate referral accounts and will settle payments to affiliates' PayPal accounts around the middle of each month. Affiliates (you) can check payment status by logging into your Refer & Earn account.

Login / Create Refer & Earn Account

Is their a limit to how much you can earn ?


No, there isn't - the potential is limitless. This presents a fantastic chance to associate yourself with a trusted brand, endorsed by thousands. Moreover, it's the simplest pitch you'll ever have: Saving people more than 30% on their propane and oil bills.

Can the Refer & Earn Program get canceled ?


Yes, if Hilltop Energy Buyers Group (HEBG) perceives that it may affect the predetermined allocation of discounted gallons to our group, and we are at risk of running short, HEBG reserves the right to "Postpone" or cancel the Earn & Refer program for an undetermined amount of time.

HEBG may be able to increase its allocation of discounted fuel to continue the program in short time.

Affiliates will receive payments for any outstanding referrals in their accounts to date of the postponement.

Can Hilltop Refuse this program to a group or organization?


Yes, if Hilltop Energy Buyers Group (HEBG) perceives that it may affect the predetermined allocation of discounted gallons to our group, and we are at risk of running short, HEBG reserves the right to "Refuse" or cancel the Earn & Refer program to a group or organization for an undetermined amount of time. Members already enrolled under the discount will have their membership honored.

Affiliates will be paid commission for referrals until date of termination or program pause.

HEBG may be able to increase its allocation of discounted fuel to continue the program in short time.

How can I best promote my affiliate link to get referrals ?


Be sure to explore the Refer & Earn Asset Library for branding, images, headlines, verbiage, and ad sets to make your promotion a success.

Direct email: You can send out individual or limited email lists (so they don't get marked as spam by your mail server) to family, friends, and constituents.

Facebook: Create a compelling post with resources in the Refer & Earn Asset Library. Personalize it to all people in your feed and be sure to include your personalized web link. ie: ( )

Tweet: Give a shoutout to Hilltop with a motivational headline and image that emphasis what you’ve saved as a happy participant.

Front Porch Forum: Utilize our Refer & Earn resources to share your personal experience with Hilltop to connect with this powerful localized community news feed.

Your Website / Blog: Share our information on your website in a pop-up, slider, or other ad format. Tease your site visitor with enough information to drive them to our site to enroll.

Login: Refer & Earn Asset Library
Password: Login to your account to get the password. You can access the library from there.

Resources can be downloaded or dragged to your desktop or document.