Hilltop Membership Terms of Agreement.

This Agreement, hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement," establishes the terms and conditions between Hilltop Energy Buyer’s Group (HEBG), represented herein, and the individual identified as the "Member," collectively referred to as the parties.

The Hilltop Energy Buyer’s Group (HEBG) Membership "TERM" spans twelve (12) months, commencing on July 1 and concluding on June 30 of the subsequent year. Membership must be renewed annually to retain access to member benefits. By enrolling in HEBG, you confirm that you have read, understood, and accepted the terms outlined below, and you agree to abide by them throughout your paid Membership.

1. Annual membership bills automatically sometime in April and charged to the payment method on file.

2. Discounted pricing terms are determined by individual fuel providers and are not contingent upon Hilltops Membership term. For AmeriGas, the term is from July 1 to June 30, and for Irving Energy, it is from June 1 to May 30.

3. Individuals benefiting from member benefits from fuel providers without paying their annual dues are required to settle all current and outstanding dues to maintain member benefits. Failure to do so will result in fuel pricing reverting back to non-member rates and cancellation of membership.

4. Members claiming veteran status may be required to provide proof upon request within 5 business days to maintain member status.

5. Members falsely representing themselves as a member of a group receiving a discount (ie: Veteran or Business Alliance Program) will forfeit their membership status and benefits without refund. Member will be notified by email and given 10 days from notice to provide valid proof. If no valid proof is provided after 10 days, the member's account and benefits will be terminated. Reinstatement may be considered for a fee of $200.

6. Allow HEBG up to one week to process and set up accounts with the provider, although typically this process takes under 24 hours.

7. HEBG's responsibilities are limited to negotiating pricing with the fuel providers.

8. Members agree to communicate directly with the provider for account setup, fuel orders, contract completion, inquiries, credit checks, dispute resolution, and related matters.

9. Membership is required for each individual household, address, or family, with annual usage assessed on an averaged basis on terms defined by the fuel provider.

10. HEBG reserves the right to refuse or revoke membership to any member, individual, or organization at its discretion.

11. Discounts can not be combined to offset Membership fee. Only 1 discount is permitted per household.

12. HEBG may update, modify, and change Membership terms at any time without prior notice or member notification.

13. In the event that Hilltop's reserved "Fixed" gallons are all consumed by members and replacement gallons cannot be secured, then the member agrees to have any remaining gallons they receive delivered at a "Variable" or "Rack-Plus" rate. Note: Hilltop has never run out of gallons.

14. As a member you agree to receive communications via email regarding membership, announcements, and special offers.

15. Members MUST be in good standing with their fuel provider to continue to receive the HEBG discount, this means your bills must be paid on-time and be current. The fuel provider can opt-out of your discount if these terms are not met.

Waiver of liability: Member agrees to indemnify and hold HEBG harmless for any and all liabilities, injuries, unforeseen events, property damage, additional fees, and changes in costs of any kind.

By joining HEBG you have read these terms, agree-to, and accept these terms of Membership.

Hilltop FAQ's


Answers to commonly asked questions regarding Hilltop Energy Buyer's Group (HEBG) can be accessed by expanding the below titles.

When does Hilltop Membership "Open" and "Close"?


AmeriGas Membership price protection is valid from July 1 through the end of the following June. Enrollment opens officially July 1 and ends at the end of November with a date TBD.

Irving Energy Membership price protection is valid from June 1 through May 1. Enrollment opens officially June 1 and ends at the end of February with a date TBD.

What are next steps after I enroll?


AmeriGas: Nothing more to do, you’re all set! Hilltop submits your information within 12-24 hours and you’ll be in the AmeriGas system in 24-72 hours. You’re covered under member pricing from the time/date of enrollment.

Irving Energy: Wait several days and call Irving to get into your contract (fixed rate only) and provide them the 4 digit PIN number 6448 from your confirmation email. Irving Customer Service: 1-888-310-1924

If I get a delivery before joining am I covered?


NO. Membership can not be back dated and will only cover deliveries of fuel moving forward. No exceptions

What are Hilltop membership fees?


Membership fees* are annual and renew automatically (Subscription) in May. "Membership" covers 1 household, location, or physical address with a single fuel plan.

1 fuel plan: $50 / 2 fuel plans: $100

Veteran Membership (Proof of veteran status required.)
1 fuel plan: $10 / 2 fuel plans: $20

Business Membership
4000+ gallons annual: $200

Discounts: Hilltop collaborates with numerous organizations and provides employee membership discounts. Please reach out to your human resources representative to verify if your company is partnered with Hilltop and obtain the applicable discount code. Kindly refrain from contacting Hilltop for this information.

Learn more about how your employer can get discounted Hilltop Memberships for their employees. You may also get a discount for your staff or membership for your business or nonprofit through our alliance programs.

Check Payments.
Mail your payment to Hilltop Energy at 10 Covey Rd. Underhill VT 05489.

Please note, a $25 processing fee is applicable in addition to your membership fee for all pay-by-check transactions - no exceptions.  Complete the enrollment form and use the coupon code " paybycheck " during checkout to avoid entering an online payment method. Your membership cannot be processed without the completed online form, check processing fee, and membership dues.

Are all my properties covered under Membership?


NO. Basic membership includes 1 fuel plan for a single address, household or residence. You can however create additional memberships for each property.

Can I combine my gallons across all my properties to get a better price?


NO. Pricing is determined by the fuel provider by your usage from the previous year based on a single address, household, or property.

So if you have a primary home and a vacation home you can not combine the usage to get into a better pricing tier. You also need a separate membership for each property and usage for each property.

Can I get a refund?


YES if you request a refund no later than August 1st. under a current membership season.

ex: If you join in July 2024 and change your mind you can request a refund as long as it’s by August 1, 2024. After August 1, 2024 no refunds will be issued. This is to avoid someone joining, getting a delivery under Hilltops discount and then canceling their account.

How do fuel providers determine my discounted rate?


The pricing tier for the current year is determined by your propane usage from the previous year. Amerigas maintains the authority to modify the pricing tier you've chosen based on last year's usage, without exceptions. Thus, you cannot subscribe to a pricing tier that does not align with your previous year's usage.

How do I cancel my membership?


You can cancel your Membership anytime by logging into your account or contacting Hilltop. Refunds for a current membership year must happen prior to Aug 1, no refunds will be issued after that date - no exceptions.

Keith is always available to talk if you have questions or comments to share 802-488-0351. Please see FAQ: Can I get a refund?

How do I manage membership profile and payment method?


You can log in to your account from the top menu bar. From there, you can recover your password and update your delivery address and payment methods.

Can I enroll multiple addresses?


YES. Please enroll each property under a separate membership. Each property will have pricing based on annual usage independently from other properties you enroll.

Can I enroll a business?


YES. A business can enroll under an AmeriGas plan. Unfortunately Irving Energy does not allow us to facilitate business accounts. If your business uses over 4000 gallons of propane the Member rate is $200. You can select this option when checking out. Hilltop Discounts do not apply to businesses over 4000+ gallons.

Learn more about how your business can offer a discounted plan to your employees.

Can I join if I don't use one of your fuel providers?


YES, there are a few more steps involved in changing providers and setting up service, but the savings are well worth it. Refer to the FAQ topic titled 'New customer, setting up service with Amerigas' for more instructions."

Can I join if I am already customer with one of your fuel providers?


YES. None of your account preferences change except for the rate you pay for fuel. Delivery method and payment method all stay the same.

Why is my only choice for membership a subscription?


Currently, 90% of members are subscribed to Hilltop's subscription model. We've received an influx of calls from non-subscription members who mistakenly believed they were enrolled, resulting in their memberships lapsing and missing out on Hilltop's discounts.

I don’t see my order confirmation in my inbox?


Always check your spam/junk mail folder after you enroll, the confirmation email is sent instantly and if you don’t see it in your in-box it is probably in junk/spam mail folder.

You can set a rule in your mail application to recognize and not mark our emails as spam.
Our email addresses are: hilltopenergy@icloud.com and hilltop-energy-buyers-group@in.outseta.com

Why didn’t I get a notification from Hilltop about membership being open?


Frequently, our emails may end up in your Junk or Spam folder and go unnoticed. The most reliable method to receive notifications is by following us on Facebook. Additionally, you can establish rules in your email application to recognize our email address, hilltopenergy@icloud.com and hilltop-energy-buyers-group@in.outseta.com.

Our new subscription model will eliminate many members need to be updated when membership opens.

Is Hilltop Energy my fuel provider?


NO. Hilltop negotiates and arranges discounted fuel plans with the fuel providers. Your relationship with the fuel providers is independent of Hilltop, and any billing or delivery issues should be addressed directly with your provider.”

Do I need to sign a contract?


Irving Energy: For fixed rate fuel plans with Irving Energy, a contract is necessary. It may take 24-72 hours for your membership to be processed into Irving's system, so it's advisable to wait a few days after joining before contacting Irving. When you do call, please provide the 4-digit PIN number 6448 to identify yourself as a Hilltop member. Rack-Plus plans do not require a contract

I called Irving and was told I am not in the system?


This is not unusual. Usually, it takes 24-72 hours for your information to be entered and visible in their system. Please wait a few days and then call Irving again. If the issue persists, please contact Hilltop.

What happens if Hilltop runs out of fixed rate gallons?


In the event that Hilltop's reserved "Fixed" gallons are all consumed by members and replacement gallons cannot be secured, then any remaining gallons you receive will be delivered at a "Variable" or "Rack-Plus" rate.

Note: Hilltop has never run out of fixed gallons but if we did you would still benefit from substantial savings.

How do I determine the size of my propane tank?