Returning members can dive right in and fill out the form below. Newcomers to Hilltop are encouraged to familiarize themselves with our fuel providers, review plan options, and explore relevant information before joining for a smoother experience. Also, you may enroll directly on the fuel providers page.

For check payments, mail your payment to Hilltop Energy at 10 Covey Rd. Underhill VT 05489. A $25 processing fee is applicable in addition to your membership fee for pay-by-check transactions. Complete the form below and use the coupon code " paybycheck " during checkout to avoid entering an online payment method. Your membership cannot be processed without the completed form or a cleared check.

After completing the form below you will continue to the next section where you select your oil and/or propane plans. This year Members may add an AmeriGas propane plan with an Irving oil plan.